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# Saturday, 17 November 2012
After getting my WHS Console issue resolved, I noticed that my Shared Folders tab listed several of my folders as "Failing (Check Health)". That led me to look at the Server Storage tab where one of the drives was reported as "Missing". The drive was dead. Not to worry, I thought, because I had Duplication turned on for those folders that I really did not want to lose (e.g. music, photos).

I spot-checked several items in those folders and noticed that they weren't accessible. I tried to copy them off of the WHS server to my local PC and was greeted with a "Error 0x8007048F: The device is not connected." message. I had removed the bad drive from the WHS and rebooted, and still, things looked bad.

Thanks to a post in the We Got Served Forums, the answer was to simply go to the WHS Console, Server Storage tab, and Remove the bad drive via software as well. After doing that, I had to let WHS do its thing, but after a couple of hours, all of my files are fine, the folders are listed as "Healthy", and I have a new hard drive on the way.

What I thought was a potentially devastating issue turned out to be handled easily, reliably, and gracefully through WHS. What an awesome device.
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