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# Saturday, 27 April 2013
I was using TestFlight for my existing Xamarin MonoTouch project, but it didn't really do what I wanted. I wanted something that would centralize crash reporting for me when something went wrong with my app after it was downloaded from the App Store. TestFlight never really worked for that (at least for me). It allowed me to send beta versions of my app, which was cool, but I wanted a bit more.

I downloaded the binary version of HockeyApp and also set up an account and an app on I got it working by:

  1. Add the reference to the pre-compiled HockeyApp.dll
  2. Place the bundle in the root of my project directory (a bundle is really a directory of files). The instructions on that site no longer work to just Include in Project, so I did an "Add Files from Folder" option
  3. I was sure to add the code to make things crash proof
  4. I was getting a build error when compiling to device (error MT5202: Native linking failed. Please review the build log. Which was really due to Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: "_CTFontCreateCopyWithAttributes"). I fixed that by adding the following into my Additional mtouch arguments: -gcc_flags "-framework CoreGraphics -framework CoreText -framework QuartzCore"

After all of that, I was able to get things compiled. I then followed the deployment suggestions from the page on the github project.

I was able to upload the and ipa files, and get the email invite and tried to download the app. I initially received an "Unable to install the app at this time" error message. That led me to believe the device wasn't imported, so I tried to import using the hockey app bookmarklet. It brought me a list of existing UDIDs back to the hockey app site, but the import did not save those devices. I need to drill down on this some more to get a solid list of steps needed to release both beta and app store versions.

I'd also like to be able to have logging data stream to the hockeyapp server and correlated to a specific device. And I'm not 100% certain I've done things properly, but this was a good cookbook on what I did to get things at least uploaded to the hockeyapp server. If I can get this to work, it's well worth the $10. per month.

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