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# Thursday, 09 May 2013
Using VMware Fusion 5 to run Windows 8 Pro 64-bit in a bootcamp partition from the Mac has been amazing. One bit of trouble recently popped up for me, though, when we moved offices to a new location. My VMWare networking uses Bridged mode, and everything works perfectly at home. But at the office, I was getting nothing but the warning that I had no internet.

I called VMware support, and they did a laudable job in getting back to me over the phone and trying to help, but in the end, the recommended solution was either to run under Bridged mode with the Firewall disabled, or use NAT. I figured out after the call that the reason disabling the Firewall made things work is that it would then not use the option to Block connections. So my search started to figure out how to change the network type from Public to Private.

The final answer was rather simple. Launch explorer, select Network on the left, and then click the yellow bar that says to Enable sharing. Doing that marked the network as Private. I seem to recall being offered the choice to turn sharing on or not the first time I hit it at the new location, so I probably said Don't Share, which resulted in the network being marked as Public, which meant the Firewall rules pertaining to Public were applied, and why I couldn't access anything.
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