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# Friday, 12 August 2005
I'm going to PDC this year, and I'm really looking forward to it. Our secretary registered me to go, and I've been receiving email blasts about the fact that I'm registered. Yesterday, I received an email telling me the scheduling tool is available. I went to login, and was greeted with an error telling me that my Passport account is not registered for PDC. I emailed support and they confirmed this to be the case. So, even though my passport account has the email address registered for PDC, they won't accept it. I now have our secreatary's passport login information so that I can use the scheduling tool. I can't believe someone decided this would be a good idea. Furthermore, when I brought it to their attention, I would have expected them to say "Geez, we messed up on that one. We should fix that." instead of "Well, there's nothing we can do." I guess all of the jokes people have been making about the uselessness of Passport over the years are more true than we know.

As an aside, I'm *supposed* to be going to PDC, but we'll see how that goes since I'm heading in for surgery to repair my completely torn ACL on Friday, 8/19. Let's just say that playing in a 3 on 3 basketball tourney is not always the smartest idea. I've played competitive sports my entire life, including at the collegiate level, and this is the biggest injury I've ever had. I guess it's time to accept that I shouldn't be doing these kinds of things anymore.

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