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# Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I have a .NET application that generates an XML file via serialization (through XmlTextWriter) and submits the data via https. Recently, they changed something on their end to only accept an upper cased UTF-8 encoding, like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Unfortunately, using the .NET classes mentioned above, it generates the encoding string in lower case. I could find one mention of this on google, and they said to have the other company change (not an option here), or override XmlTextWriter. I went with that approach, making heavy use of Reflector along the way. I started by looking at the WriteStartDocument method, but realized that the private StartDocument is the thing that generates the output. It also gets called by the overloaded WriteStartDocument, so I'd need to override that method, too. However, in the private StartDocument method, it uses a bunch of private variables and generates output via another private method, InternalWriteProcessingInstructions. Ugly. At this point I realize that XmlTextWriter is not a class made for inheriting.

Back to Reflector, and I notice that the Encoding.WebName is the property used to write out the encoding string. I now create a descendant class of UTF8Encoding. The class is listed below. Now I just call XmlTextWriter, passing in UpperCaseUTF8Encoding.UpperCaseUTF8 for the Encoding type, and everything works perfectly.

    public class UpperCaseUTF8Encoding : UTF8Encoding
        public override string WebName
            get { return base.WebName.ToUpper(); }

        public static UpperCaseUTF8Encoding UpperCaseUTF8
                if (upperCaseUtf8Encoding == null)
                    upperCaseUtf8Encoding = new UpperCaseUTF8Encoding();
                return upperCaseUtf8Encoding;

        private static UpperCaseUTF8Encoding upperCaseUtf8Encoding = null;
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