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# Thursday, 08 December 2011
My company's core applications are written in ASP.NET MVC, and have been well received. But the nature of what those applications can do in limited/non-existent connectivity areas is causing enough problems that I need a native iPhone solution. (HTML 5 offline storage is not enough. I need full access to the brains of calculation engines that are in my business logic on the server, and I wouldn't relish moving that logic to JavaScript. Besides, I found a real nice thermal receipt printer that will work via SDK with a native app!)

I came across MonoTouch, and I really like how it will enable reuse of my hard work over the years. The main obstacle for me was how to get the data out to my iPhone client. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of shoe-horning WCF access from the iPhone, and working with WCF at my day job is a configuration nightmare. REST would be good, but I wasn't happy with the options out there - until I found ServiceStack. I don't know why this thing doesn't get more publicity. It is everything I want: small, fast, actively developed, easy to configure, JSON, REST, DTOs, and works easily with MonoTouch. Well done, guys.

The first snag I hit getting some demo code out there was that if you want to have the client code exist on MonoTouch, be sure to add references to the assemblies found in the file on github. I'm curious why this is still labelled as 2.20, and why those assemblies are still dated from June 9, 2011, but for now, things are moving along to convert my ASP.NET MVC application to use services, and expose those services for use on my iPhone client.

Look for more posts about ServiceStack and MonoTouch in the near future.

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